PR backlink review

How You Can Approach Looking for High PR Backlinks

High PR backlinks has become quite the cottage industry with the high demand for them. The people who provide this kind of service have their hands quite full. You could set up shop and be making money inside a week or less if you knew how to get the business. Most people getting Gather Australia started in IM have to do this for their own selves unless they have the money to hire freelancers to do it. But if you are on a budget, like many, then you can do this yourself, really, with no problem only your time and effort.

If you are inexperienced, then be careful about how you exchange links, and with whom, and never get involved with link farms. Lately, Google has been known to penalize or even de-index sites that have lots of poor quality links pointing at them. The search engines, meanwhile, favor sites who link to highly regarded authority sites. To some extent, your backlink strategy will be determined by the type of site you have, as well as your goals and preferences. If you have an authority site, then you really should only exchange links with other high quality sites with a PR not much lower than yours.

You can find some great PR backlink sources using forum backlinking. Avoid using forums that do not allow signature links because that is where your backlink comes from. You will find out that not all forums will allow this. You can still get forum backlinking, and you can pay people to do this for you. That was just a heads up about it, and it is not something we will suggest you do. It is important that you get backlinks from everywhere you can as long as the property is good real estate. The last thing you want is to be reviewed by a Google employee and not look natural in your backlinks you can drop in the serps, overnight.

Another method of getting high PR backlinks is submitting your sites to directories. Use any method you read about to find backlinks from low to high. You can concentrate on backlinks that are all high but google will look for what comes natural so throwing in some purposeful low to medium links can be helpful. Specialized directory submission services can be found for directory backlinks. It is best to spread your backlinks around so you have them from as many varied sources as possible.

You’ve probably seen how many people and companies now offer to build high PR backlinks to your site for a price. Before you hire anyone, however, you should investigate them as much as possible. You could also test them by ordering a small number of links on a blog or site that’s not your primary one.