Where Gamers Can Find Which Router Is Best

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Not every router is suitable for competitive gaming. Some of them will cause lag or connectivity problems that make it difficult to even finish online matches. Due to poor transmission speed, poor quality design or weak signal strength, some routers are simply going to be inadequate for many gamers’ needs.

modern gaming wifiTo find out which routers are acceptable for online gaming, particularly very competitive online games, consumers need to read professional reviews. They need to consider the various factors that go into making a reliable router and consider what reviews have to say about the best router for gaming.

A gaming router review will let consumers know whether a router is up to par with conventional online gaming standards or whether they should look elsewhere for a more reliable router. The review should lay out the pros and cons of buying a particular router. It may be necessary to buy a less than perfect router due to budgetary constraints, but even those on a tight budget can find a decent router that will maintain their connection well in all but the most strenuous online matches.

A gaming router review such as the ones hosted on gaming router review can tell consumers a lot about a router. If they find one that fits their budget and seems to meet their standards they can get a more in-depth look at the router and find out if it really is going to be right for them.

For many online games, a powerful router isn’t always necessary. The simplest and cheapest routers will do just fine for most cooperative games and games that aren’t very demanding when it comes to bandwidth. But most competitive games, such as racing games, shooters and fighting games will require split second decision making, and that can be thrown off by a poor connection. Many times, an unstable connection is caused by the type of router being used.

For those who take their gaming seriously and who like to play competitively, having a great route is essential, so it is in their best interest to find out what the best reviewed routers are and to seek those out instead of just buying the first one they see on the shelf. They may not know what the difference is themselves, but they will notice a difference when they play. Using one router over another could mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Can You’ve Got an Office That Caters for All Generations?

Now’s workforce is a complete mixture of different generations working together; bringing work styles and differing mindsets to some work environment. So office fit out Melbourne, can we create an office layout which suits all these differences in generational needs? If so, just how can we reach it to keep everyone in a workplace happy? Join us as now we have a closer look at how we could keep workers of generations feeling comfortable and happy in their place of work.

Create an Age-Impartial Workspace

The best means to maintain your multi-generational office joyfully is to build a working environment that is entirely aged unbiased. It’s no use attempting to force quirky, modern layouts on a workforce that is made up of old individuals as well as youthful, as they might not value it as much. The older generations are utilized to some corporate and proper office surroundings when compared to a modern, office space that was graphic. By introducing them to this environment, they may be confused, or make them feel uneasy. One solution to fight this is to generate workspaces which can be personalized from the staff using it.

Include More Open Regions

The tendency for businesses now will be to have many open areas for staff to engage and collaborate in. The spaces that are open typically have an assortment of distinct functions which, for example, means you don’t consistently necessarily need to just make use of for eating your lunch, the break area. It’s possible for you to utilize it to have a general chat or a collaborative meeting with your coworkers. There’ll be a demand for private workspaces for those employees who may believe they work better in their environment, far from the distractions of an open plan office. This additionally doesn’t mean that these single workers can’t collaborate when they feel like they wish to. That introducing these multi-purpose, places that are open is a fantastic notion; to motivate the people who prefer working to put their thoughts ahead!

Here at Officescape, we offer an office design service that is certainly bespoke to your own business. We want to ensure which you along with your work colleagues feel comfortable in your working environment, regardless of what generation they’re. Our focus on detail makes sure that each single one of your demands is satisfied in a manner that is appealing, and important.

Help Your Child with Successful Weight Management

Strategies for Success

Studies have shown that children who make small, progressive modifications in behavior are able to build on their achievements and buy dihydrocodeine uk make permanent changes. These behaviors focus on a healthy diet and increased physical activity, and are supported by a combination of emotional and behavioral features.

Acknowledging the Problem

Most kids with a weight problem are very aware of it, but may not know what to do or where to turn. Try acknowledging your child’s concerns, providing hope for the future, and promising that you will be there to help.


People with weight problems often eat for reasons that have nothing to do with appetite, such as boredom,frustration, sleepiness, anger, etc. Help your kids recognize why they eat, and suggest alternatives to automatically reaching for a snack. And note that it takes about 20 minutes after you start eating before you realize that you’re getting full; remind your child to eat slowly to avoid getting “over-full.”

Set family goals such as “eat healthy” or “get fit.” Break each goal into smaller objectives, such as “drink 8 glasses of water daily” so you’ll consistently make progress toward your long-term goal. Tips to help you stay on track:

Be positive: “I am going to walk when I get home from school”, as opposed to “I’m not going to watch TV every day when I get home from school.”
Be specific: “I am going to walk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”
Be realistic.Write goals and objectives down.
Re-evaluate progress regularly, and reward yourself (back scratches, movies, camping trip, basketball hoop) for all small and large victories.


Just as with adults, when kids feel good about themselves, they’re more likely to make healthy changes. Point out your child’s unique strengths and abilities, and help find activities that help them flourish. What can your son do to make him feel valuable? Picking up an elderly neighbor’s newspaper? Can your daughter volunteer at a recycling center? Take an art class? It make take some creativity to help your child try new things, but with family encouragement and participation, new habits are within everyone’s reach.

Professional Assistance

You can learn more about healthy eating habits and how to incorporate them into your family’s life by working with a registered dietitian. If your doctor says that your child’s health is at risk, you may want to consider a formal weight management program. A qualified program will be staffed with variety of professionals (dietitians, exercise physiologists, pediatricians, psychologists), perform a complete medical evaluation, focus on the whole family, and include a maintenance program. Avoid any clinic, program, or fad diet that promises a quick fix or instant cure. If your child is extremely overweight and/or has serious emotional issues regarding weight, you should consider professional medical and/or psychological assistance in addition to the approaches suggested in this brochure.

Weight control is a difficult issue, especially for a child. You can help your child learn to manage food choices and activity levels. By reading this brochure you’ve already started to make family health a priority. Use your physician, other health professionals, and the resources listed below to create a solution that works for your family.

How You Can Approach Looking for High PR Backlinks

High PR backlinks has become quite the cottage industry with the high demand for them. The people who provide this kind of service have their hands quite full. You could set up shop and be making money inside a week or less if you knew how to get the business. Most people getting Gather Australia started in IM have to do this for their own selves unless they have the money to hire freelancers to do it. But if you are on a budget, like many, then you can do this yourself, really, with no problem only your time and effort.

If you are inexperienced, then be careful about how you exchange links, and with whom, and never get involved with link farms. Lately, Google has been known to penalize or even de-index sites that have lots of poor quality links pointing at them. The search engines, meanwhile, favor sites who link to highly regarded authority sites. To some extent, your backlink strategy will be determined by the type of site you have, as well as your goals and preferences. If you have an authority site, then you really should only exchange links with other high quality sites with a PR not much lower than yours.

You can find some great PR backlink sources using forum backlinking. Avoid using forums that do not allow signature links because that is where your backlink comes from. You will find out that not all forums will allow this. You can still get forum backlinking, and you can pay people to do this for you. That was just a heads up about it, and it is not something we will suggest you do. It is important that you get backlinks from everywhere you can as long as the property is good real estate. The last thing you want is to be reviewed by a Google employee and not look natural in your backlinks you can drop in the serps, overnight.

Another method of getting high PR backlinks is submitting your sites to directories. Use any method you read about to find backlinks from low to high. You can concentrate on backlinks that are all high but google will look for what comes natural so throwing in some purposeful low to medium links can be helpful. Specialized directory submission services can be found for directory backlinks. It is best to spread your backlinks around so you have them from as many varied sources as possible.

You’ve probably seen how many people and companies now offer to build high PR backlinks to your site for a price. Before you hire anyone, however, you should investigate them as much as possible. You could also test them by ordering a small number of links on a blog or site that’s not your primary one.

The Basics of Real Estate Investing

When a borrower stops paying, one of the principal resourses a lender has house extensions is to take over the property against which the loan was secured, and sell that asset to try to recover its money. Foreclosure can be a long process, but at the end of it, if no other way is found of settling that debt, the ownership of the property will fall to the bank. Banks are good at lending money but not at managing properties, so generally the banks don’t want to hold on to the properties and will usually try to sell them quickly. Traditionally the holding and selling of real estate this is handled by the “Real Estate Owned” department of the bank, thus today’s “REO” for short hand.

Buying directly from the bank has some advantages. The key advantage of course is that you may find a great deal on a house. Other benefits includes that you’re not dealing with distressed homeowners, constrained by existing mortgages, etc.

As the market for buying REOs heats up, all kinds of buyers are joining the fray, not only investors but also regular homeowners who intend to live in the property themselves. In some areas, banks are seeing multiple offers, and have to decide which offer to go with choose. One of the determining factors is the buyers ability to close the deal as promised. For this reason, banks are heavily biased toward accepting offers in which the buyer will be paying out of their own cash funds, rather than having to be approved for traditional bank financing, which could take a month for approval and for which the buyer may ultimately not be approved.

All of which leads me to my next advantage, which is that in this environment, anyone who can makes a cash offer will have a greater probability of getting their offer accepted. The disadvantage, of course, is that if you are not in a position to make a cash offer, its hard to be a player.

Another big disadvantage is that buying from a bank makes it more difficult to flip the property quickly. Banks do not allow you to purchase on an assignable contract, which is a standard technique for wholesalers. So, chances are you’ll end up closing on the property yourself. You could always find a buyer and sell it to them immediately; however, one big challenge is that FHA and possibly other lenders require a property to be owned for at least 90 days by the seller in order for them to make the loan. This is designed to discourage quick flips, and in fact its very effective, because it removes the possibility of financing (for a quick flip) for most of your lower-end buyers.

All this is not a problem if your intention is to hold the property and rent it out. However, if a long-term buy-and-hold is not in your plans, your remaining options if you purchase a bank-owned property is that you either have to hold it for a minimum of three months to be able to sell to an FHA borrower, find a borrower whose lender doesn’t include these guidelines, or find a cash buyer. One additional thing to note is that if your buyer is getting financed, the sales price has to meet appraisal; at the same, appraisals are coming in very conservative these days, so you have to be careful.

Another consequence of banks desiring to close quickly is that inspection periods can be quite short, so you have to be prepared to decide and act quickly.

Lastly, since the banks have simply taken over the property and are essentially absentee owners who have never lived there, the full raft of seller disclosures that is a standard part of the transaction in a normal person-to-person sale is simply not available.

How Consumers Get the Best Value on Water Machines

water filtration unit

best ionizerAs expensive as water machines can be, consumers are concerned about paying too much for one that just won’t meet their needs or that won’t give them much value. They have reasons to be concerned, because a market as flooded as this one is bound to have a lot of low quality products mixed in among the high-quality selections. It’s sorting through them to find the decent ones that is the trouble, and most consumers are not equipped to do that. They are simply uninformed about which machines have the kind of features the want and which ones are going to break down shortly after purchasing them.

Consumers have to make use of sites like this to determine what the best alkaline water machine is. They have to rely on experts to give them advice based on hands-on experience. Reading reviews will help them to be informed about what the features are and what separates one alkaline water machine from another.

While the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is highly regarded, most consumers don’t know why, and they won’t until they read some reviews. It’s not good enough to simply buy the most popular model or the one the receives the highest ratings. Consumers should be taking time to learn why one machine is being rated higher than another and if the advantages it offers them are worth the extra money it costs. They may feel that they could save money and still get everything they want to from a water ionizer by going with a cheaper machine that isn’t as highly rated.

It all depends on what they are looking for and what they are willing to accept. Not all consumers are looking for the highest end machine out there or the one with the most features and functions. Some just want a machine that can perform some basic functions and that twill last them for a long time to come. The most well regarded ionizers may be out of their price range, and reading reviews will let them know what features are being offered and if they actually want to pay for those features. The best alkaline water machine for some consumers may not be the best one for someone else, and it is up to each individual to decide that for themselves, but reading professional reviews like the one mentioned here can help them to make a smarter decision.

Using Cheap Available Solar Energy To Heat Hot Water For Home Helps Cut Pollution

We receive solar energy in the form of heat and light energy. It is the most plenteous and cheap source of energy. Scientists are finding out ways to use this energy as a source to generate electrical energy as well as to use it as heating and cooling system. By Using Cheap Available Solar Panels Melbourne Energy to Heat Hot Water for Home, helps to save money from electricity bill and to reserve the fossil fuel resources.

One of the most important uses of solar energy is to use it to heat water for home. Heat energy is the energy taken from the sun to heat the water. Using gas or electric heater causes to the high cost of your bill. Moreover, these solar panels will also help to produce electricity for your house.

Heating water through the solar energy helps you to take shower at any time of the day. You do not have to wait for the heater to heat the water every time you need to take a shower. Certainly, using this technology has made our lives a lot easier.

These solar heaters do not involve complicated mechanism. The energy for heating the water is absorbed from the sun. The water present in the vessels is heated and the heat exchanger discharges heat so that the hot water can be moved to the storing cylinders and the cold water is moved through the solar panels so that it can be heated.

The initial cost of buying and installing the water heating system is high but in the long run, it is a profitable investment. These systems last for approximately 30 years hence, by that time your installing cost will be indirectly returned, as the fuel bills will be greatly reduced.

Passive and active solar heating systems are the two types of heaters. Both of these solar heaters are built differently. Active solar heating system is more effective as compared to the passive solar heating system.

Heating water using the solar energy saves energy and is more economically effective. You can save a lot of dollar by building this system at your home. A handy man with plumbing skills will find it a practical project. Online resources provide excellent tips as well.

Using Cheap Available Solar Energy to Heat Hot Water for Home helps to keep the surrounding atmosphere clean as well, as this system does not involves the burning of fuels.

Want to learn more about Cheap Solar for Home ? Get the inside scoop now in our complete Solar heating water overview.

Which Are The Advantages Of Nattokinase Supplements

Natto is a classic Japanese meal produced from fermented soybeans. https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/pain-relief/stop-snoring-complete-guide/ It’s got an exceptionally strong smell and a sticky consistency, but is very full of protein. In making Natto, the soybeans are fermented with the beneficial bacteria natto. During fermentation, the bacteria generate enzymatic components, the main of which is nattokinase.

Nattokinase has potent anti-inflammatory activity along with several additional beneficial properties. However, essentially the most crucial factor of nattokinase will be its activity regarding blood clots. In damaged tissues, the broken blood vessel releases a chemical substance called thromboplastin along with an additional component. Both of these get in reaction with proteins and eventually a clot follows. Clotting is a significant function in tissue repair. However, a clot in the blood stream (a thrombus) can be deadly. As a result of scientific study, nattokinase 50 mg supplements are available as a supplement for our use.

Experiments have consistently demonstrated the potent fibrinolytic effect of Nattokinase. This enzyme seems to lessen the formation of threatening clots. Scientific tests with nattokinase demonstrate that it can assist avoid or cut down the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis, stroke, along with similar problems. What’s more , it has a positive impact on blood pressure, a 10 percent average decrease.

Blood clots form when bits of fibrin accumulate in the blood vessels and they can block blood circulation. Consequently the oxygen supply is cut off and the tissue eventually dies. Within the heart, this tends to lead to heart attack, in the brain, it is strokes or mini-strokes, in other areas it is vein thrombosis. All these occurrences can be life-threatening. Scientific tests suggest that nattokinase possesses extremely serious potential in protecting against all these conditions.

The process of forming a clot involves a number of enzymes. However, the body mostly releases one key enzyme for dissolving a clot, plasmin. It happens that the properties of nattokinase are very similar to plasmin. Nattokinase is particularly efficient because it elevates the body’s natural capacity to combat blood clots in a number different ways. It dissolves fibrin directly and appears to enhance the body’s natural production of both plasmin and other clot-dissolving enzymes. The results show that the effect of nattokinase is much better than that of plasmin.

To the question where to buy nattokinase supplements, what is important to take into account is that you can purchase the same amount of nattokinase capsules between 15 and 60 dollars. Some companies are trying to generate profits on the fact that this enzyme has become very popular, therefore it is well worth shopping around before you decide to buy.

Risks Of Whey Protein : Truth Or Simple Fiction?

Protein consumption as a source of health benefits was established over 100 years ago and known even to the ancients. However, recent studies have scientifically proved the benefits of whey protein as a source of essential proteins.

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Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Gold Standard – Why This Supplementation Is Actually Significant For Bodybuilders
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Is Hydroxycut Reliable? – A

Do you want to find out if hydroxycut is worth your time and money? If so then you need to read this article because I am going to extensively review this product.

Optimum 100 Whey Protein Unwanted Side Effects – Be Sure You’re Aware Of These Before Purchasing This Supplement
To learn the few optimum 100 whey protein side effects I encourage you to read the rest of this article because otherwise you may run the risk of damaging your health. Read on for a full analysis.

So What Multivitamin Pill An Individual Ought To Take On To Be Able To Improve Every Day Lifestyle
The best multivitamin for men depends on a multitude of factors. One factor that is important is age. Different stages of life require different nutrients.

The Best Multivitamin For Men To Maintain The Entire Body At It’s Best Form.
Many of us do not get the essential vitamins and minerals we need through the food we eat. When this is the case, taking an additional vitamin supplement is beneficial in providing the body with all of the nutrients that it needs.

College Park House Remodeling

There are many things that you need to consider in deciding to remodel your College Park home. One of the most important is the financial aspect or the cost of the renovation. Renovations can prove to be very expensive and it is important that you are able to mange the costs water damage Brisbane involved in the renovation. However, there are also major considerations that you need to look at even before you decide to renovate.

Determining cost

The first step is to determine the type of renovation that you want to have done. Internal changes are easier and less costly to do while structural changes usually take a longer time and costs more to do. To be able to assess the cost of the project, the common practice among homeowners is that they first determine the value of their homes before they decide to renovate. This step allows the homeowner to decide on how much he needs to spend on the renovation because he can decide whether it would be worthwhile to renovate or whether it would be more practical to buy a new home. The usual acceptable cost for renovations should range from twenty to thirty percent of the total value of your house, anything beyond this may be considered impractical. Doing this may require you to solicit the help of a real estate appraiser who can determine the market value of your home.

Reviewing bids

Once you have decided to renovate your College Park home, you must then be able to review the bids and quotations that potential College Park remodeling contractors and builders submit. The bids that are submitted to you should include the cost of construction materials, the cost of construction labor, permit fees, decorating the remodeled part, the cost of repairs due to remodeling and cleaning up after remodeling. It is important the contractors and builders submit accurate and specific figures on all costs so that you can consider all aspects of the cost.

Remodeling your College Park home will involve various costs. Before deciding to renovate you must first decide if it would be practical to renovate your home or to just buy a new home. If you do decide to renovate, you must then be prepared to go over the bids that are submitted to you by College Park contractors and decide which one best fits your budget and your needs.

Calgary Folk Fest 2009

The Calgary Folk Fest attracts an enormous range of artists from all over the world, ranging from up-and-coming college radio favourites, all the way to some of the industry’s biggest legends. As a broke, unemployed internet comedy writer (as well as a bona-fide z-grade internet celebrity), my natural place at the festival is begging for change outside the gate. How I ended up with an exclusive media access pass is a mystery, since anyone familiar with my work should know better than to give me a microphone and permission to ask whatever I want around famous people. It’s a big responsibility, and totally unsurprisingly, I managed to totally blow every opportunity to ask important and meaningful questions. Instead, I made fart jokes, yakked endlessly about cartoons and professional wrestling, and asked a group of Grammy winners to finally settle the MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice debate. I had a blast.

When I first heard that I was going to be walking around talking to celebrities all day, I was struck with both elation at the opportunity I’d been given, and utter horror at the fact that I was in way, way over my head. I’m not a music journalist; I write fart jokes about monster movies while collecting unemployment insurance. You know that image that popped into your hear the moment you read that? That’s exactly what I look like. I tried to make myself look respectable, I really did. I didn’t wear the shirt with the holes in the armpits, and I even had my shaggy unemployment hair trimmed. Unfortunately, my barber decided that I should look like a twelve-year-old girl with a hormone problem and a beard. And so, armed with a notepad, a voice recorder, a camera, my new “hair by my mom” looks, and my beautiful photographer/assistant/girlfriend, I set out to thoroughly embarrass myself in front of famous people.

We set out from our house bright and early in the morning, stopping along the way to grab a fast food breakfast which I immediately spilled down the front of myself. So much for first impressions. I bumped into my stepbrother on the way in the gates who, familiar with my work, was a little sceptical that I wasn’t just trying to bullshit my way in. Arriving at the media tent, still dripping with some sort of processed egg product, we were handed media passes with our names on them and a stack of interview request forms to fill out. I requested an interview with nearly every single artist at the festival in the hopes that one of them would confuse me with a legitimate journalist, which isn’t easy when your press pass says BAD NEWS CENTRAL in big bold letters. So you can imagine what ran though my head when I received this interview schedule:

It was at this exact moment that the elation/horror balance tipped squarely into pure abject terror. I wasn’t going to be talking to one or two random musicians I had never heard of; I was basically interviewing my iPod. It’s even stranger now, listening to a song on my headphones and knowing that the person singing it thinks I’m a total goober. On a positive note, it was about this time that I discovered that the media area had its own exclusive outhouses, and they were immaculate.

My first interview wasn’t scheduled until 2pm, which gave me nearly three hours to watch some of the acts in preparation. We first set out to stage 3, which was occupied by Danny Barnes, Deep Dark Woods, Luluc, and the Good Lovelies. I’m sure it was a good performance, but we unfortunately only caught the last ten minutes of it, and I spent most of that time trying to suppress dry heaves. After that we visited stage 2, which was occupied by LeE HARVeY OsMOND, Hayes Carll, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Amelia Curran. It was another fantastic show, but this time I was distracted by a play going on in the grass behind us. I went to have a look, and it turned out to be a kid’s show called Little Red Riding Beard. The combination of Little Red Riding Beard and the sound from stage 2 of half a dozen people singing about getting stoned was a little too much for this early in the morning, so we set off to the beer gardens to meet up with some friends and calm my nerves.

One whole beer later, we set off to the media tent to interview the local Calgary rap duo of Dragon Fli Empire. I opened with some questions on bad movies, and we ended up chatting about Dario Argento and the early 90’s dog movie called Bingo. It was a fantastic start, if not totally pointless, and I’m sure I left them more confused than anything. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing, and was more than ready to talk to Arrested Development. Unfortunately, one of the media tent volunteers tracked me down and informed me that the interview was being pushed back to the end of the day. Instead, my next chat was with Ray Wylie Hubbard, who shared some thoughts on how the music industry had changed since he’d started out. It was a great chat, and I learned a lot about how older performers were viewing the collapse of the music industry. I was feeling incredibly confident by this point, so I decided to start pushing my interviews in a more comedic direction. This was a horrible, horrible mistake, and I apologise greatly to The Acorn for implying that the only reason I enjoyed them was because I was stoned. It was much funnier in my head. I also apologise to Sarah Harmer for pretending to confuse her with Julie Dorion. I’m pretty confident that I’m the only person in the history of Folk Fest to end an interview with the subject speedwalking away with a look of sheer horror on her face. At his point I wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die, which wasn’t helped at all when the media coordinator came up to me to tell me that Jay Crocker was ready for our interview. One problem: I hadn’t signed up for an interview with Jay Crocker, and he probably figured that out the moment I started franticly flipping through my program guide looking for something to talk to him about. You don’t know embarrassment until you have to tell someone that you have to delay your interview with him because you can’t remember who he is. At this point I was hoping that the accumulated humiliation would cause me to spontaneously combust, but fortunately a camera crew for a local newspaper grabbed him away from me before I could humiliate myself any further. Unfortunately for Jay, they made him dress in a banana costume. It turns out the whole thing with me had been a miscommunication, and the media volunteer who set it up apologised for the little mishap. I felt much better, but Jay still had to wear the banana. For the record, Jay is a very talented musician, and I should have taken the interview when I had the chance. Hopefully I can talk to him at next year’s festival. Hell, I might even bring my own banana costume.

Things started to pick up with my interview with The Deep Dark Woods, who I have kind of a weird history with. I’ve known one the members through an internet forum since before they were famous, so naturally he wasn’t one of the ones to show up for the interview. Instead, we talked about Hulk Hogan for so long that one of the members got up and left out of boredom. My audio recording of the interview says it went on for 20 minutes, so I can’t really blame him there. They were really nice guys, and our talk was a lot of fun. Next was a picnic table interview with one of the members of Vishten, which I unfortunately had to cut short because Arrested Development was ready to talk to me. I ended up catching the end of their show with Dragon Fli Empire, Kid Koala, and Mutabaruka from backstage, which was easily one of the best Folk Fest shows I’ve ever seen. It was also the largest in the festival’s history, attracting a crowd of 6000, or roughly half the attendance of the entire festival. I got to hang out and chat with them after the show, mostly about old-school hip-hop versus modern radio rap. It was quite enlightening to hear from people who’ve been through the whole thing. I asked them to settle the MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice debate once and for all, and Hammer won hands-down. As far as I’m concerned, the debate is over. Surprisingly, several members of the group held Hammer in pretty high regard (Vanilla Ice, not so much). Dragon Fli Empire singled me out of the media crowd to take a picture of the full stage lineup, and I almost tripped over a tent stake while backing up trying to fit all of them in the frame. I ended up missing my chat with LeE HARVeY OsMOND, so my last chat was with The Ebony Hillbillies, who taught me all about the history of stringed instruments in Africa. It was incredibly informative, and a great way to end the “work” part of my day.

I spent the rest of the evening with my friends and stepbrother in the beer gardens, listening to the main stage concerts and chatting about the festival. Everyone was in great spirits, and everyone agreed it was a fantastic festival. Mavis Staples and Loreena McKennit put on great shows, and Staples’ rendition of The Weight had the entire beer garden singing and dancing along. The outhouses were getting a little nasty by this point, but I still had access to the pristine media outhouse, which ticked off pretty much everyone at our table. That’s pretty much how the night ended; my friends jealous of my semiprivate bathroom, most of the artists thinking I was a total moron, and my girlfriend swearing that she’d never let me forget me blowing the Sarah Harmer interview for as long as I live.

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